In response to Charlotte losing the NBA All-Star Game over HB 2, Michael Thomas makes an important point: “[Lieutenant Governor Dan] Forest says, ‘We will never value a dollar over a woman’s or child’s safety and security.’ Based on that statement alone, HB 2 should be repealed in an immediate emergency session. The American Academy of Pediatrics has already asked for the repeal of HB 2 because it is hurtful to children. Also, HB 2 puts some Tennessee native women in danger. Tennessee will not change a birth certificate even after gender reassignment surgery, so some women are legally forced to share a bathroom with the likes of Governor McCrory, Phil Berger, Forest, and House Speaker Tim Moore. This isn’t a bathroom horror hypothetical.”

Commenter Nathaniel1 adds: “Still no explanation on how HB 2 protects male children from male pedophiles, so one can only conclude it is really about oppressing trans people. Also, no word on how stripping nondiscrimination protections from LGBTQ people protects women and children in restrooms. It is almost as if the ‘protection’ excuse was thought up after the fact.”

On Barry Yeoman’s exploration of the Republican National Convention last week, wafranklin argues that, these days, being a Republican “means being essentially a traitor. … How anyone can support the lineup of crass, uncivil, unsympathetic, mean racist alleged candidates in the Republican Party is far beyond me. These people have undertaken, primarily as members of White Christian America, to drive any and all they can into theocracy.”

As a counterpointposted on Facebook about our story on the N.C. GOP mistaking Tim Kaine’s Blue Star service pin for a Honduran flag pinStone Harker writes: “The majority of Democrats don’t have jobs and depend on the GOP for their living and government benefits.” So there’s that.

Finally, a comment on Eryk Pruitt’s piece about being a disgruntled brunch waiter. “Hey, I feel your pain,” writes narazezen. “Don’t let the haters get to you. Despite the seething inside, you keep a chipper face and let the customer keep that Disneyland fantasy of happiness. You’re not alone.”

Jordan is less forgiving: “Yet the cooks who got there two hours before the waiters or any front-of-the-house staff, who worked two hours later than you the night before, who also probably live farther from work, who never make tips or bags of moneyfuck all F.O.B. You’re all babies.”

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