It suffices to say the Bernie Brigade did not cotton to our endorsement of Hillary Clinton last week. A few of them took out an ad (see page 2). Many emailed or tweeted angry missives or vented on our website. One accused us of making a rape joke (?).

Let’s dig in, shall we? “Clinton’s very significant weaknesses and lapses of judgment are glossed over in a mere three sentences, while her supposed strengths as a candidate are presented in the most conventional-wisdom, TV-talking-points-fashion possible,” writes Andy Magowan. “What was ‘Hillary’s role in pushing her husband’s White House leftward in an era that was hostile to lefties,’ precisely? Was it her enthusiastic support of the 1994 crime bill, which expanded the use of the death penalty and lengthened jail time? Was it her hard work rounding up votes for the welfare overhaul of 1996, which drastically increased the number of Americans living in extreme poverty? Her advocacy for universal health care seems to have stopped soon after the defeat of her attempt to enact it in 1993. Now she receives huge donations from the corporations that worked to defeat the 1993 overhaul and she tells us single payer ‘will never, ever happen.’”

“With its current political endorsements, the INDY has ceased to serve as the voice of the progressive community in the Triangle,” adds Stewart W. Fisher. “We used to be able to count on the paper for serious political analysis and thoughtful endorsements that would promote progress in our community. No more.”

“I usually depend on the INDY to help me decide how to cast my vote,” writes Albert Studdard. “Your weak-kneed dismissal of Bernie Sanders makes me wonder if I should bother again. Shame on you.”

And a few asked us to rethink our endorsements of Clinton and Donald Trump. “The appropriate word for my reaction to your endorsement of Trump is horrified,” writes Marianne Watson. “I know you blast him in the endorsement, but this is a unique and dangerous election year. But you’ve gone on record as endorsing Trump. Please tell me you’re already regretting it.”

“The INDY has truly soiled itself,” adds Gerry Cohen. “You do have a day or two to reconsider before this Wednesday’s edition.”

Nah, we’re good, thanks.

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