Lots of reaction this week to our fancy-pants redesign: “Snap judgment on the new @indyweek look/feel/layout: I like it,” tweeted @MaroonedChris. “Pretty excited about @indyweek’s redesign, but the best part is the style change to include Oxford commas. Thank god,” added @izza_woj. Similarly, @bridgcd tweeted: “Arguably the best part of the @indyweek redesign is their usage of the serial/Oxford comma. THUMBS WAY UP.”

Mostthough not allof the feedback we’ve received has been positive. Chris Tiffany posted on INDYweek.com that we’ve picked a “TERRIBLE thin grey [sic] print font; change from legible to practically illegible. … Penny-wise and pound foolish. You want to save money on ink? Easy: quit publishing the INDY.” For the record, the new font saves us nothing.

On to the actual content: Snookie Sroczynski writes that our story on the harassment trans people have reported at RDU [“What’s Going On with Your Crotch?” Feb. 3] “failed to expose the ignorant and horrific behavior thrust upon Dolores Chandler..”

On our website, Richelle Eileen Brake offers this suggestion: “I have what is called an ‘OUCH CARD.’ On our card it says: ‘If presented with this card you have used the Improper Gender, Title, or Pronoun. If you have been providing a service, your gratuity has been eliminated.’ Misgendering is a form of BULLYING!”

Meanwhile, in a series of tweets, @misssysiphe takes us to task: “Dear @indyweek, pls get over self-congratulatory pretense that the singular ‘they’ is in any way difficult. Don’t tell me your writers aren’t long practiced at blind/unknown gender singular ‘they.’ … This myth of pronoun difficulty is cutely self-creating/-justifying/-sustaining, but nonsensical. Get a current stylebook.”

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