CityLab, one of my favorite online reads, has a kooky piece about a Polish guy who makes paper cut-outs of Brutalist architecture. This style of building, which was cheap and relied heavily on concrete, was popular from the 1950s until about the mid-1970s. The N.C. Mutual Life building in Durham and many state government buildings in Raleigh are constructed in this style.

Over at the traditional MSM, The New York Times’ Lens blog features a killer photo slideshow of the Russian underground wrestling scene. In Russia, the guys wearing stars-and-stripes Spandex are the villains.

And finally,, the fantastic science journalism magazine, has a story that will make bourbon drinkers cry in their Maker’s Mark. The demand for bourbon is outstripping the supply—it has to age for years—so distillers are trying to expedite the process. Some things can’t be rushed, folks.