While I was out of the office yesterday, the Green Wall fell onto Main Street (we’re guessing, unexpectedly, since the street was not closed when it happened), crushing the fence. Fortunately no one was hurt or killed. The building is one of several being demolished to make way for a 26-story skyscraper.

Brenna Berry-Stewart, our circulation manager, shot photos of the construction workers in the pit, and the folks in hazmat gear shoveling bricks out of the street.

When I arrived at the office today, I saw that the fall of the wall revealed a lovely mural on the inside of a building, one I had never seen.

And the snow added to the dramatic view of the construction site from the top of the old Jack Tar motel.

There is a gap in the fence just large enough to stick a camera through and shoot the detritus, including fragments of a satellite dish.