It was 72 degrees this morning—not April 22, but Dec. 22, if you awoke thinking you must have hibernated all winter. Winds were brisk. The atmosphere felt unstable, soupy, and the light filtered through the clouds in narrow shafts.

At City Hall Plaza in downtown Durham, the U.S. and North Carolina flags had descended their mast until they touched the ground. Since it’s Sunday, no one is around City Hall to raise them, so I watched the flags contort themselves in the stiff breeze and graze the ground between gusts.

I lay on the ground on the sidewalk beneath them. You rarely get that close to flapping flags; they are larger, thicker and noisier than you think.

Lisa Sorg is the editor of the INDY. Her blog documents the small moments of life in the Triangle in photographs and stories—as a reminder to why we live here.