Street photography in Raleigh is a gift. Since it’s the state capital, class and race often collide within the same block. Downtown, people wearing expensive suits and dresses, headed for the Legislative Building or one of the many law offices, pass people strolling toward Moore Square wearing sweatpants and carrying sleeping bags.

As I walked down Morgan Street yesterday, I saw a man in a suit and bow tie carrying a vibrant bouquet of flowers. I decided to try to photograph him without looking through the viewfinder, just shooting, literally, from the hip. I stood still; he hurried past me, resulting in this blur of color—almost like an Impressionist painting—against the gold leaves of the tree.

About three blocks west on Morgan, near Glenwood Avenue, I looked to my left and spied several abandoned couches lounging in an vacant lot. I traipsed down a small hill and saw more flowers. But this time, the entire scene—the couch, the dirt, the grass—felt subdued in muted tones of brown.