Before too much of Durham falls to the wrecking ball, I’ve begun documenting the intersections, the friction points, if you will, where old and new developments meet.

A locally owned grocery, the Durham Coop Market, I would argue, is a positive development, although I miss the purple-and-yellow awning of the Noah’s Ark Daycare and the community gardens outside the West End Community Center. The co-op is scheduled to open in early 2015 at the corner of Kent and Chapel Hill streets. On Saturday, I was walking by when I heard boys laughing; it turns out they were a bunch of kids from the West End neighborhood, a very racially and economically diverse area of Durham, who were running in the huge expanse of the future co-op parking garage.

When I shot this photo, another boy was climbing headfirst over the (short) wall toward the ground. A few minutes later, the boys scattered, and moved on to their next Saturday adventure.