As regular INDY readers might know, I’m obsessed with Alley 26 and its offshoot nooks. It’s my favorite spot in Durham—a throwback to an earlier time, that, with its brick and sharp angles and narrowness, feels vaguely European.

So I keep track of what’s happening back there, whether it’s the tree that was cut down (it was an invasive species and hostile even to birds) or the redevelopment of a small vacant lot behind 118 W. Parrish St.

For the map-obsessed, the official the address of this space, what a friend of mine calls a “wino encampment,” is 120 W. Parrish St. The winos will need to find another alley. Arthur Rogers of Eno Ventures is transforming this decrepit lot into a small office and courtyard enveloped inside the historic exterior walls of the former furniture warehouse. The ground has officially been broken, and I shot this photo from the top of the old Jack Tar motel, also destined for renovation.

I loved the geometry of the trench work (Is it a grave? A crop rectangle?) echoing the windows. Rogers has knocked out the brick that had covered the windows, which has already transformed this end of the alley into a well-lit breezeway.