On a recent dingy day, I spotted these boxers plastered to the facade of the building at 715 N. Washington St. It’s just north of the old Durham Athletic Park, and houses the Durham Bike Co-op and The Shadowbox. It seemed like I had seen the boxers before, but I couldn’t place them.

It’s a pretty desolate stretch as far as pedestrians go, and the co-op has been closed for the holidays; no one was at Shadowbox, either. But after waiting for a while I met a guy on the street who said these boxers may have been salvaged from the now-defunct downtown nightclub Ringside. This four-story bacchanalia at 308 W. Main St. was much beloved—and mourned— when it closed in 2007.

Readers, if you can confirm the provenance of these boxers, please comment on this post.

Lisa Sorg is the editor of the
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