The Lakewood neighborhood in southwest-central Durham epitomizes the diversity of the Bull City. Racially and economically mixed, progressiveduring the 2012 primary, Vote Against Amendment One signs were more prolific than dandelions in the lawns it is a hodgepodge of woodsy back yards, ’50s ranch homes with toys in the driveway and mid-century bungalows, their verandas often crowded with people in the summertime.

On Saturday morning, handmade signs, the colors running from the overnight rain, pointed the way: Fun Friends Bakery, owned, operated and named by two young girls, Ella and Ameerah, had popped up on James Street. Their friends, Nora, Macy, Zeke, Oliver, Ike, Zaia and Waylon pitched in.

The brownies, cupcakes and cookies were homemade with only healthy ingredients—”no GMOs,” Ella told me.

Business was brisk; yet there was not a calculator in sight. They did the math in their heads: 75 cents, plus 75 cents.

“A dollar-fifty,” Ella told a customer.

“Here’s two dollars. Keep the tip.”

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