Not only did Roylee Duvall have to haul a 44-by-60-inch painting down the street this morning, he had to deal with someone chasing him.

That someone was me. I spotted Duvall, the director of Through This Lens gallery in Durham, hoisting the painting at the corner of Main and Corcoran streets. He was eclipsed by the painting, with only his fingers and legs showing. You don’t see that every day, so I ran out of my office and pursued him down the street. If anybody would understand, it would be Roylee.

The painting by Norval Tucker is entitled As You Do It to the Least (1992, alkyd resin on canvas). Duvall was transporting the painting from the ACLU office to his shop. From there, Duvall is shipping it to the painter’s brother.

Tucker was born in Farmington, Iowa, in 1925; he died in Iowa City in 2008. He was an associate professor of art at the University of Iowa.