The machinery near Durham Brazing & Welding Works on Roney Street has long captivated photographers, metal-lovers and passersby. Roney is a peaceful, short street (see Open Durham’s history of what used to be a bustling thoroughfare) and I often cut through here to and from the Durham Farmers’ Market.

Among the icons of the welding shop is the General Motors Truck—I’m guessing it’s from the 1940s—with the Pittsburgh Steelers logo emblazoned on the side. One afternoon I walked by and the truck door was open, so I climbed inside, then hopped in the bed and peered through the back. The window was gone. And so is an era of Durham, save for this short block.

Lisa Sorg is the editor of the INDY. Her blog documents the small moments of life in the Triangle in photographs and stories—as a reminder to why we live here.