As the INDY reported last week, HB 2 looks like it will soon meet an ignominious demise at the hands of a federal judge. Because Attorney General Roy Cooper isn’t defending the law, the state’s laughably weak defense (which boils down to the fact that the law won’t be enforced anyway) will fall to you, dear taxpayerand, though McCrory has recently said he won’t use it, that defense fund includes $500,000 set aside for disasters.

Facebooker Kathleen Pepi Southern isn’t happy about that. “Thank you for wasting valuable resources in the midst of hurricane season to pay some large Republican law firm to defend the indefensiblea law that, just as with the voter ID law, addresses a nonexistent problem.”

“Good on the judge,” adds Stefi Davis. “The North Carolina [governor] needs to be removed and put in some mental institution; either way, he is a narrow-minded idiot living in Stone Age times. Transgender people, when using a restroom, do not make eye contact; they want to be in and out as fast as possiblethey need to use the restroom, they do not even want to be in there.”

Our announcement of the 2016 musical lineup for the N.C. State Fair caused Twitter user @lauriefrommiami (a purported resident of Chapel Hill) to implore the INDY and some of the acts playingincluding Superchunk, Corrosion of Conformity, and Maceo Parkerto boycott the damn thing, because of HB 2, of course. “I encourage you all to drop out unless HB 2 is repealed. The fair is state sponsored.”

Which is true. But Pat McCrory’s bigotry shouldn’t deny us the awesomeness of Superchunk.

Finally, commenter rataplan takes issue with our post about a federal court striking the state’s voter ID law. Getting an ID, he/she argues, isn’t that much of a burden: “I’m more outraged by the personal privations of so many black Americans because they’ve had no IDs to buy cigarettes, apply for food stamps and obtain welfare, etc. I believe the liberal media and Democrat Party should stand up because these people are so poor and haven’t had the opportunity legally to use a photo ID so they could vote. I also would like to know an example of the ‘surgical precision’ in a photo ID used to disenfranchise black voters, since there are at least twenty-four ways for anyone of legal age in North Carolina to obtain a photo ID.”

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