Transit by the numbers

EndBlock Estimated daily ridership when the TTA rail line starts: 14,000

EndBlock Projected ridership by 2030: 22,000-30,000

EndBlock Total transit ridership in the Triangle, 2004 (all bus lines, all trips): 18 million

EndBlock Passenger capacity in a TTA rail car ³pair² (with 40 standing): 200

EndBlock Number of rail car pairs TTA expects to order initially: 24

EndBlock Peak-time waits between trains, day one: 15 minutes

EndBlock Peak-time waits, 2020: 10 minutes

EndBlock Highest track elevation (in feet): 35

EndBlock Lowest point below grade (in feet)–downtown Raleigh: 40

EndBlock Estimated travel time (in minutes), downtown Durham to NCSU: 41

EndBlock Estimated travel time (in minutes), downtown Cary to RTP: 12

EndBlock Percent Triangle residents surveyed by NC Go! who support TTA rail (2004): 72 source: tta planning documents