We asked Mayor Charles Meeker after his State of the City address today whether he plans to seek a fifth term in the October elections. We’ve been hearing from people close to him that he doesn’t want to run again, yet hasn’t closed the door on the idea.

Meeker’s answer to us: “It’s getting close to the time for me to leave.” To which he added that he hasn’t made a final decision yet, then shrugged. Right now, that’s his answer, he said.

Should Meeker not run, the list of potential candidates includes most of the current City Council members, though the likeliest ones all demur and/ or express serious reservations about taking on a second full-time jobwhich pays all of $15,000 a year, by the way.

From within the putative “Meeker Majority,” however, first-term Councilor Nancy McFarlane is the name most bruited about.