Abby met Rocky in a class on Developing Societies. For Abby, the course was a requirement for her PhD in sociology. For Rocky, it was an attempt to be in the right place at the right time, knowing that sociology students tend to be young, female, and drawn to slim, nerdy types. Soon, Rocky joined Abby and her friends for social outings. Eventually, Abby surprised Rocky with an invitation to dinner. She knew the answer was “yes” before he did.

Their first date was at Caffé Luna. He met her at her apartment door with a bottle of white. She prefers red, but smiled warmly and put it on ice. At the restaurant they ordered drinks and chatted, making mental notes of likes and dislikes, traits in common… or otherwise. They ordered and suddenly found a uniting passion: vegetarianism! And animal advocacy! Intense conversation flowed.

Following dinner, the cool April evening was perfect for a walk around Moore Square, although the cobble stones were no place for heels, and so they hurried back to Abby’s apartment. There was, after all, a bottle of wine to open.

They talked on the balcony while Abby’s two companion felines rubbed against the couple’s legs, content with the match being made. How life would change in time, as the four became a family! Now (finally), Abby and Rocky have made it official with a marriage in the mountains, featuring vegetarian food, a cool evening, pictures of the cats, and red and white wine for everyone. Abby and Rocky Apex