It all started at a concert.

A friend of my friend’s band was playing at the Volume 11 Tavern in downtown Raleigh, and I decided to make an appearance in my tattered Alice in Chains t-shirt. To this day I still don’t remember anything about that show other than watching this mysterious hunk with long blonde hair, big arms and a kind face playing the drums up on stage. I never interacted with that drummer who had me so mesmerized—I could never muster up the courage.

We had a couple high school classes together and would sometimes run into each other here and there; we didn’t actually become friends until three years later. I was stuck in a terrible relationship with an abusive boyfriend, and the time I spent with Brett was the only time I actually felt alive. When both of us could not hide our true feelings anymore, we dropped everything just to be together. We became inseparable and deeply in love. We have since moved in together and are now picking out our first puppy.

He cooks me delicious food every night and plays beautiful music. I found someone who shares the same soul as me, someone I can’t be without, my perfect drummer boy. Happy Valentine’s Day, Brett Cutler. Alexa Stafford and Brett Cutler Raleigh