Your face lights up in joy when I walk into the room. I am just coming in to get something but your face looks like it might have been struck by a jar filled with lightning bugs. Your hands reach out for meinstinctively and expertly press into my flesh with insistence. I can feel my eyelids go heavy, batting down slowly like the sun sinking out of a perfect blue sky. My cheeks feel flushed and my heart beat staccatos as you tell me how much you love my curves, love my body. You tell me how much you like looking at me and call me beautiful. When I look into your eyes truly I only see beauty and love reflected there, like busted open poppies in your iris.

Your eyes are magnets and my body pulls them into it. There is no ocean between us to ferry across with a raft. We are the ocean and exist together in waves, currents. Even the tiniest creatures in our tidepools palpitate against our love.
You push me onto the bed and you take me how it pleases you and how it pleases you always pleases me. You give me these gifts and I accept them.
The lights always stay on and we always see each other.
Alysia and Dante Durham