Cameron Village
2014 Cameron St.

“Buying at Beleza sends a gentle ripple around the world.”

Beleza offers women of every age an array of accessories with one-of-a-kind designs and an inspiring global story to share. Sara and Philip Dail opened their fair trade boutique in November of 2005 presenting handcrafted jewelry, purses, scarves, belts, purses, hats, and more from artisans around the world.

Beleza’s journey began with an appreciation for textiles and design and has evolved into much more. In 2003 Philip began working with a village of women in Soantonana, Madagascar. Their rectangular shawls are called “lambas,” which literally translates to “a piece of cloth.” It is, however, more than just cloth. It is also hard work, ingenuity, and creativity woven into naturally dyed silk.

Today the shop features work not only from Madagascar, but also Uganda, Kenya, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, and the United States. Sara and Philip’s most recent endeavor is custom-made jewelry using Murano glass from Italy.

The products at Beleza are not only a visual and a tangible delight; they are diverse and unique as well as being eco-friendly and accessible to most incomes. Sara and Philip work diligently to ensure their business truly gives people around the world a fair wage and the means to feed their families.

Beleza also collaborates with a student organization at North Carolina State University, MorLove. The group has sent shipments of necessary items to Madagascar and Uganda, and another is planned for an orphanage in Central African Republic.

Beleza is more than a shop. It is always affordable, delightfully edgy, and ever unique. Most importantly, it is a place of hope. A purchase here gives the shopper a new treasure to take home, and it also leaves a positive impact upon the world we share.