Five Years Married Life is Great!

We met at 42nd Street Oyster Bar. A longtime friend thought Carol and Bill should meet. I rode with 4 people and was told Bill might come. He did. The band was so loud that I had to speak in his ear. Later, he said it drove him crazy (in a good way). We kid that the ear thing made our ensuing relationship happen. Afterwards, he took me to my car and before we parted, he asked if he could kiss me. Nice. Yeah!

Two weeks after meeting, Bill said that he loved me when we were talking on the phone. I told him I felt the same way. He was the person I always wanted to meet but didn’t think existed. I knew it was serious because I was willing to give away everything I had to be with him.

We hug, kiss and speak lovingly to each other at different points in the day. People say, “Get a room”.

Sacrifice is a daily thing. Whatever comes up at any point, we discuss possible solutions and then act upon the one we agree upon. No problem.

Playing hide-n-seek, I bent the washer door trying to hide inside. Too big for that space! The door wouldn’t close. Bill fixed it, though. He’s “tool man”. Ah, a project. Which tool can I use?

I love this guy! We have a blast! He often says, “I love our marriage. Are you happy”? Yes! Life is great!

Bill & Carol Baverstock