600 Foster St. • Durham

BuildSense, Inc. is a small design-build company focused on custom sustainable residential projects. Our projects are actualized as intended because the same people that design and detail our projects physically build them.

We are comfortable working within a variety of contexts and with many building styles, from cottage to farmhouse modern to industrial chic. Our buildings make sense because we intimately know many building systems and are conscious of the opportunities and limitations of those systems as we design.

We utilize solid sustainable design strategies on every project. We designed and built the first Green Building Initiative house certified by the Durham, Orange, and Chatham Counties Home Builders Association Green Building Council.

We follow a listen, plan, design, and build process on every project.


We listen to you. We learn about your needs, your day-to-day life, your family, your budget, and your preferences.


We plan. We start budget planning very early in the design process so you can make informed decisions. We consider green building methods and systems and their relationship to lowering life cycle costs and increasing comfort.


We design. We embark on an iterative design process, guided by the information that we gathered about you, your budget, and your site. We give you options. You react, we refine. A few times through this loop yields just what you want. From that concept, we develop construction documents suitable for building the project.


We build it. We carry your project to completion. We aren’t finished until every item on your punch list is addressed.

The projects that result from the listen, plan, design, and build process fit our clients needs perfectly, they have character and distinctive personality, and they are durable, comfortable, and made for a lifetime.