The first time we kissed we were standing on an outcrop, leaning against a rock in Crabtree Creek. A touch, a whisper; you know how it can be, so close to another’s face, skin, heartbeat, the world distorts. To the moon and back… and I opened my eyes to see I am kissing Crabtree Creek. I see before me liquid green, his eyes, this creek, glassy olive caramel, sparkle streaks of light sweeping all around. All of this, all of this… I close my eyes and the kiss deepens and I am shot forward in the current of life – somehow the bliss morphs into concrete plans of happily-ever-afters. I’ve been there before; log jams in reality are inevitable. Breathe in, breathe out. This time, I am better able to float in the sandy waters of Crabtree Creek and come back to the present moment: and it is a moment, right in Crabtree Creek, nudged by this cool moist stone, both of us deep in the river and standing on our own two feet. CB Raleigh