Chapel Hill

“My name is Jonathan Courtland. I’m a stonemason.”

I don’t compete with masonry companies that profit by hiring large crews to throw in scores of square feet quickly. Instead, I choose to do high-craft structural and sculptural stonework. Because of my respect for the stone and the work itself, I aim to create enduring value and delight for my clients by building with integrity.

I’ve worked with stone for twelve years now. In this time, I’ve learned that this integrity is achieved through adherence to the rules of high-craft stonework. Because of the natural durability of the material, we’re able to study how humans have dealt with stone over the millennia – what works and what doesn’t. My favorite work is Incan (Machu Picchu) but I also really admire that of the Japanese. These masons achieved a sublime beauty with an organic (rather than a mechanistic) precision. Fine stonework is both substantial and elegant.

I believe that the work of passionate craftspeople emanates warmth. It is quite evident when someone truly cares about their product. The resulting stonework speaks to people in an elemental and inspirational language.

With careful intention; with inspiration from man and nature both; with strength and precision; even with improvisation and sometimes wit, I build for you. I work stone in a manner that balances my design and mark with the natural inclination of the stone. I consider composition (line and sometimes color) while following the tenets of high-craft masonry. I appreciate projects that demand unique vision, creative design, and resourceful craftsmanship.

I design, design and build, and am happy to meet with homeowners, architects, and landscape architects to discuss the use of stone in their projects. I work on walls, patios, walkways, landscapes, and even furniture. I build both fire and water features. Indoor applications include fireplaces, floors, and feature walls.

I look forward to talking with you about your stonework needs and desires.