1019 S. Mineral Springs Rd. • Durham

Creativity the Cranky way!

Mr. Cranky, CEO of Cranky Creative Group and his rather unique family of fellow Cranky’s operate out of an East Durham location they have deemed ‘The Cranky Palace.” You have to visit the place to really understand why they are known for their creativity and off-the-wall ideas. Funky colored walls, a “corporate” trampoline, and a crooked chimney all contribute to this uber-creative environment. “This is where the magic happens,” Scott Shamblee, Nephew Cranky, explains as we tour the designers’ area. “3D vehicle wrap designs, signs, brochures, logos, brand identities, you name it, it happens here.” Beyond the unusual environment there is something else to be mentioned about the culture here: people are happy. “Customers feel it and so do each one of us,” stated Mrs. Cranky, “when you are a company of six people, the work has to be rewarding, but you also have to really strive to create a strong family within the company to persevere through the growing pains small companies go through. I really think we have built something great and lasting here.”

Mr. Cranky is happy with the growth he has seen in the triangle market since moving here in 2005. Marketing manager Scott Cowart (a.k.a. Uncle Cranky) lets us in on the secret to their growth, “Our business has grown rapidly through our ever-growing referral network and through well-crafted and unique guerrilla marketing techniques at local events and around town.”

Whether you are interested in getting a full graphic identity created for your new business, or a fleet of vehicles wrapped for your company, for an interactive and pleasantly refreshing creative experience give the Cranky’s a call. The palace is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Before I left the Cranky’s I was reassured, “If you don’t know who Mr. Cranky is now, you will very soon.”