My husband Dennis and I have been married almost a year now and have known each other for four years this new Years. We met at the beginning of January in 2007. I was dating some one else at the time and it was almost like a Cinderella story. I was cleaning my house one day when my friend (Dennis’ step brother) walked in in his usual manner and introduced me to the love of my life. It was pretty much love at first sight, but I wanted to stay loyal to my boy friend. So we decided to be friends and we lost contact after I went to school.

Two years later, I met up with Dennis and his family. I thought I was going to miss him because they were going on a road trip, but I stepped out of his brothers car, he saw me through the window and barreled out off the van ran strait to me and held me for what felt like an eternity. After flirting back and forth on face book (mind this is long after my boy friend dumped me) He left a message on my phone (The day he moved back to Salisbury, I lived in Kernersville) telling me to look up a song called Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop.

It was at that moment I knew I was 100% head over heels in love, and on April 14, 2009 we were officially dating. By August his grandmother insisted we get “this show on the road” and on February 25, 2010 we were married. We’ve had a tough year but our love and mutual respect for each other has carried us through a lot of trials. And I’d just like to say I love you baby, nobody could ask for a greater husband than you. Thank you for being mine. Dennis and Alysha Chellew, Chapel Hill