10 Ellsworth Ct.; Chapel Hill

“Abstract Driftwood Assemblages and Candid Large and Small Animal Photography.”

Recently relocated to the Chapel Hill area, Ms. Hubbard arrives with a strong, multi-talented professional background to follow her interests in art, architecture and photography. Bringing a natural eye for form, composition and balance developed through years of theatrical work, both as an instructor and in various technical and directorial positions. Ms. Hubbard integrates her love of and respect for the natural world in her abstract and whimsical driftwood and natural element assemblages – both wall-hung and free standing – and candid photography of animals in their homes or natural settings.

Since the ocean will always be my home, and the elements (water, wind, sand, sun) which combine to create driftwood are deeply a part of my being, and since wood is an element I revere, it is a logical progression to use driftwood as my artistic medium. I’ve been told this is “intellectual art” due to the aspects of form and balance, but many of the pieces are simply “for fun”. Respect for all things “natural” also carries over into my photography of animals in candid scenes. I find photographing animals, both domesticated and wild, in their natural environment, as I have my own and others throughout the years, to be more interesting and endearing than formally posed studies.

While also available to provide consulting services in garden design utilizing driftwood, interior design and event planning; and authoring short stories and poetry, Ms. Hubbard concentrates most of her creative talent in her artwork and photography. She recently had a one-woman exhibit of her artwork in Meadowmont and she may be contacted at 860-388-8830 or at elizabeth@eahubbard.com for appointments to view and purchase her artwork or to schedule photographic sessions or consultations.