12115 B U.S. 15-501 South
Chapel Hill

“Local, creative, contemporary and affordable video production”

Flying Flounder Productions is here to help you with any and all of your video production needs. Based in Chapel Hill, Flying Flounder was founded by B. Rain Bennett in 2006, so that he could focus on projects that supported local people, programs and politics. This vision is still the driving force of the company, as it is continually working on anything from local music videos, documentaries, and TV shows to corporate and sports videos.

Flying Flounders team has all the experience, creativity and equipment to take care of any video project in the best possible way. They use HD Sony cameras (1/3-2/3 inch chips), as well as professional lighting, stability and sound to capture each project. After shooting your video, Flying Flounders editors will take it to the next level, using Final Cut Pro Studio 2 to cut it in a fashion that best tells your story. Including the use of graphics, voice-over, animation and music, they efficiently and affordably put the finishing touches on your video. Finally, the finished DVD is authored with the latest version of DVD Studio Pro, or can be delivered to tape or any digital format for Web use.

Whether you are a musician in a local band that is looking to express itself, a corporation finding ways to be more productive or just someone with a brilliant idea or story to tell, Flying Flounder has got you covered. Their passion for local music, businesses and issues, combined with their creative mindset and infallible work ethic, assures that you will leave with a finished product that will achieve your goal. So stop on by, off of U.S. 15-501 South in Chapel Hill, or give them a call at 919-933-9905. They would love to hear from you about any video projects that may be approaching in your future.