Erik and I had met briefly a few years ago through our ex’s actually. The irony is uncanny. Both of us were in relationships but whenever we were at the same party we tended to gravitate towards each other. Although I thought he was a bit pretentious I always enjoyed our conversations about art, politics, literature,etc.. I felt an intellectual connection with him that I was not feeling with my boyfriend at the time. When Jason and I broke up I had to stop hanging out with any and everyone he associated with; including Erik and his wife.

After I very traumatic ending to my relationship coupled with other devastatingly personal issues this past year or two.. I was convinced by a close friend that this past summer was going to be “our summer of fun.” I allowed her to dictate my social calendar, filling it with many concerts and other social gatherings I would normally not be interested in.

One night this summer, at a blue grass concert she dragged me to, I saw a handsome man across the room. I knew I recognized him from somewhere but decided not to play the name game, as this usually ends up with a negative or awkward moment between both parties. As I was walking out he came out and stopped me to say hello. We talked that evening for awhile and he informed me he was also single now. July 22nd, 2011..Began the love affair of my life..

I finally found what I have been waiting thirty five years to find. An intellectual who challenges me, a strong man with a gentle touch, a confident yet humble man who can admit when he is wrong. A beautifully funny and goofy individual who relishes my humor, and wipes away my tears with a gentle touch. I knew I was deeply in love for the first time in my life very early on.. it was like nothing I have ever felt before.. so honest, so real, and so very, very wonderful. Gabrielle Paradise

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  1. Funny how you and Jason weren’t “intellectually” connected but he somehow managed to beat the breaks off of you in EVERY trivia game and the frequent Jeopardy competitions you guys had! ❤️🤔😉

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