His first day on the court made an impression on us all. We had had a few lessons already—though still trying to connect racquet with ball—yet he picked up the slice immediately and looked like a natural tennis player and athlete.This is when I first saw Gene succeed at any challenge. It was 15 years ago, and I’ve learned from him that love and happiness are the keys to prosperity.Gene and I have been through multiple ups and downs, like any long-term relationship. After being laid off, Gene learned many skills: installing tile and hardwood floors, gardening, fishing, plumbing, furniture repair and refinishing, and auto maintenance. We became frugal before the big recession and came through stronger.Our biggest challenge began November 2011 with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Gene’s knowledge and skills now shifted to patient advocacy and care. He was there for me at every clinic visit, every procedure, every infusion. He wasn’t afraid to request more information and challenge physicians. He became my cook, nutritionist, chauffeur, masseuse, physical and occupational therapist, nurse, and psychologist.A year later I am healthy, active and have hair again! Gene and I have faced illness and economic distress and have come out even stronger. He’s grateful for the skills he’s learned. I’m beyond grateful for him. My Shanghai man continues to amaze and spoil me (to his own detriment). I’m now getting back to my regular exercise plan: keeping up with Gene! Gene & Diane Liu Apex