University Mall,
Chapel Hill

“Contemporary heirlooms that express the uniqueness of the individual”

Searching for the perfect piece of jewelry is an exciting yet often daunting process. Goldworks is proud to offer its clients the option of creating custom, one-of-a-kind designs. At Goldworks, the designers and goldsmiths are experts at interpreting your ideas and desires, and turning them into beautifully crafted jewelry. From rings to pendants to earrings, the process is an enjoyable glimpse into the world of handcrafted creations, as each piece is by their own made in-house goldsmiths. Choose your metal, choose your stones, choose your design, choose your style. In the end, the results are truly as unique as you are.

A family owned business, Goldworks owners, Wren and Ted Hendrickson, have been making jewelry together for 30 years, selling their work at juried craft shows and galleries around the country, and finally opening their current store at University Mall. Goldworks has now grown to become a community of designers and goldsmiths, working together towards a common vision. The store is a celebration of creative design.

Specializing in their own original jewelry design, working in gold, platinum and mokume-gane, (an ancient Japanese metal-layering technique, meaning wood grain metal) using exceptional gemstones, the goldsmiths at Goldworks embody the traditional art of fine jewelry making. The jewelry they make is individually designed and hand worked, allowing for constant variation of design, and the growth of creative ideas. Each of the goldsmiths brings their own style and jewelry techniques, from traditional to artistic, from antique to contemporary styles. All have an outstanding eye for quality, craftsmanship and detail; their designs are both creative and timeless, creating personal heirlooms that express the uniqueness of the individual, as well as the special joy of owning something truly original.