Alexander Village, Suite 125 2121 TW Alexander Dr., Morrisville (Durham)

“Enjoy a wonderful authentic cup of coffee or latte and fresh pastries”

The idea of Hammocks Coffee was born shortly after Sandra Pinzon and Tobias Haecker immigrated to the United States. Sandra came from Colombia and could not find a good cup of mild Colombian gourmet coffee that she had been enjoying in her home country all her life. Sandra quickly found out that all of her American friends loved the origin coffee (100% Colombian)she brought from her home country and shared with them. Tobias moved from Germany to the United States and missed the fresh pastries he had been enjoying in his home country. The idea was born to combine the best Colombian Coffee with fresh pastries.

Hammocks Coffee now offers quality gourmet coffee, teas, lattes, frappés and real fruit smoothies in a welcoming atmosphere. Hammocks Coffee invites coffee and tea lovers to relax for a few minutes from a busy day. We also offer free WiFi!

What makes us unique and different… Hammocks Coffee serves authentic gourmet coffee in a very welcoming environment and offers the highest quality of beans. All our coffee is origin coffee (no blends) from Latin America’s best coffee producing countries including Colombia and Guatemala. Our Italian style espresso is made with the finest beans from Latin America. All coffee is always freshly roasted. Depending on each coffee lover’s taste, we offer mild roasted and dark roasted origin coffee as well as our fine espresso. Hammocks Coffee never tastes bitter because it is fresh and never over-roasted (or burned). Every cup of Hammocks Coffee tastes delicious. The difference can be tasted in every cup. Pastries are delivered fresh from a local European bakery. Try our iced coffees, Lattes, Frappes, Fruity Smoothies and more! We also offer FRESH WHOLE BEANS, mugs and other accessories.

Enjoy the convenience of the Drive Thru! Better LATTE than never!!

Opening hours are Monday through Friday 6:30am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 7pm and Sunday 8am to 2pm.