1104-B Broad St; Durham

“Making masterpieces of the world’s finest coffees one batch, one cup, one shot at a time!”

The first day of summer doesn’t seem to be the best day of the year to open a coffee house, but that’s when Joe Van Gogh opened its doors on Broad Street in Durham. “We found a neighborhood that we want to be a part of in all seasons,” says owner and coffee roaster Robbie Roberts. “Coffee can and should be a daily, simple pleasure,” he continues. “But if it’s fresh enough and made with enough care and experience, it can also be perfect. That’s what we try to do all day, every day, both as roasters and as baristas, make a perfect cup of coffee.”

“And then do it again.”

From its roasting plant in Hillsborough to a coffee menu that includes everything from a good ole’ cup a joe to single-origin espressos, Joe Van Gogh is a 16-year work in progress for Roberts, who also owns Cup A Joe in Chapel Hill and Hillsborough.

Joe Van Gogh guarantees all coffee in their stores is roasted within 7 days, reemphasizing their philosophy that everyone should have access to fresh quality coffee. Not only do they provide large bins full of fresh whole bean coffee, they have made custom whole bean order forms available with a handy menu outlining their eclectic coffee selection.

They strive to share all that coffee has to offer with anyone from the caffeine junkie to the coffee connoisseur. Their staff regularly talk about the breakthroughs they’ve made through their daily experiences at the shops, “When I first started working here in 2001, I thought coffee was a bubbling, black liquid of hell and now I can safely say Joe Van Gogh’s coffee has turned me into a huge coffee snob. Now when I drink coffee, I taste limes and flowers, instead of the liquid of hell,” says Cup A Joe Chapel Hill manager Ben Jaques.

Joe Van Gogh is located at 1104-B Broad Street, a block south of the N.C. School of Science and Math. It is open from 6:30am to 7pm Monday through Friday; 6:30am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.