John and I have been dating for over 4 years and every single minute is a complete delight.

Our love story has a sweet beginning. My sophomore year at NC State was about to begin and my friend and I hit the Wolves’ Den for a tasty dinner. While we were eating a guy walked by my table, dropped a folded up napkin in front of me and hurried out the door. I didn’t even see what he looked like! I unfold the napkin to reveal the following words:

I saw you and wanted you to have this.

(his phone number)


My friends convinced me to call the number on the napkin, but as soon as the guy answered, he hung up. I call back one more time and a friend of John’s answers. He tells me that John lives in Becton Hall and is also a sophomore. We exchange last names and decide to friend each other on facebook (oh yes, the early days of facebook). Come to find out we had over 30 friends in common and after another conversation we realized we had even played volleyball against each other the weekend before and didn’t know it. After late night chats, a dinner at El Rodeo, and a beach music party at Red’s Beach Music, we made it official and I was called “the napkin girl” for months. And to this day, I still have the napkin.

John Chiulli and Nicole Griffin