In 1986 I traveled the country singing and speaking on Human Rights. In Miami, after the event, a group of volunteers asked for a private show. In the group was a slender girl with large hair and eyes that pierced me. After the small concert, I was whisked off to the airport and never had the chance to speak to the girl with the big hair.In Los Angeles, I wrote a friend in Miami asking about her, but my friend never wrote back.Three years later, I was invited to a party and fixed up with a friend’s sister. There, I met the girl from Miami, Eileen. She was working at a movie company down by the beach and was there with someone else.

In 1989, I began a new job and there, working in the marketing office, was Eileen.At the party, she had no date and so asked her housemate. She said that in Miami she had played a video to raise interest and support, one with a song by me. She played it constantly and never got tired of it. When I arrived for the event, a speaker, a singer and single, she fell in love. I asked her out to a 4th of July party and we were a couple from that day on. In October, 1994, were married. We now live in Raleigh. She is still in marketing, and I am still involved in Human Rights. Jon and Eileen Batson Raleigh