Lance & I met September 23, 2001 at a mutual friend, Shane’s house. We went to Mule Days in Benson with our friends. On the way back to Shane’s house very late that night, we shared our very first kiss in the back of an easter egg green Chevy on highway 50. He asked me out to dinner the next night & we started dating from that moment on. Within a few weeks of our relationship, Lance lost 3 grandparents within 3 weeks of each of each other. With my up bringing, I knew it would’ve been rude not to be there to support him even though we barely knew each other. We’ve been together ever since. We were engaged in 2003, then married in 2005. My grandmother was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia early in our relationship & he became her caregiver. She’s no longer with us now, but she’s still watching over us. We’ll celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in March. I fall more in love with him every single day. Lance and Emily B. Wilson, Holly Springs