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“We believe in the power and potential of human relationships.”

At First In Families of NC’s Lifetime Connections program, we are frequently asked: “What will happen to our child when we die?” That is a most pressing question for those of us with a loved one with a disability.

Lifetime Connections was created by First In Families of NC 3 years ago to help families answer this question. Our goal is twofold: to ensure a safe and secure future for your relative with a disability and to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind. We are inspired by a simple but powerful vision: the vision of a good life for all people with disabilities.

When families start making plans for the future, they change the present. When you join Lifetime Connections, you safeguard your relative<0x2019>s future and help them create a good life today.

Lifetime Connections enhances the quality of life and security of individuals with disabilities by building a multi-level safety net that can withstand the death of their parents as well as changes in government-funded support services. These include:

  • a caring and dynamic personal network for your relative with a disability
  • a personal future plan for him or her
  • advice and referral on alternatives to current government administered social services
  • monitoring the programs and services your relative receives for the rest of his or her life
  • recommendations and advice on alternatives to legal guardianship
  • advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities

In addition to the Lifetime Connections program, First In Families provides flexible family support through 12 chapters serving 38 counties statewide.

Give us a call or visit our website for more information including our upcoming workshops: “Wills and Estate Planning” this November and “Creating Peace Of Mind For The Future” Spring 2009.