He wore this Nintendo hoodie he got at Goodwill for a dollar and worked at the Mellow Mushroom with my friend Sarah. He came over with her once, and we talked about the Flaming Lips in my kitchen. I liked him then because he was into music, tall and made me laugh. He showed up at mix tape club the night of a full moon, and afterward we walked together arm and arm to a party where we stood in a corner together. He put his headphones on me and played J Dilla, and I was in love. The cops came, so we sat on a log out back by the creek where we noticed the clouds had passed and the moon was out. We decided to go to my roof where we’d have a better view. He put on his soul mix and we laid under a too small blanket and held hands. Then he asked me to dance. We were dancing to Al Green when we heard footsteps coming up the stairs to the roof. “Let’s do this before they all get back,” I said, and I kissed him.

M and J