101 S. LaSalle St. • Durham

Durham’s favorite adult store since 1994

“I actually still have it in storage,” laughs MAXX owner Matt Ferber when asked about the (in)famous ADULT XXX sign that adorned this LaSalle Street location from 1994 until 1999. “People ask me about it all the time. It was something of a landmark.”

Looking around MAXX, reborn from the store that was named Railroad Video for 12 years, it’s clear that some things have changed. Aesthetically speaking, the store is nearly unrecognizable from its earlier incarnation. In October 2006, the store closed for a month and was rebuilt from floor to ceiling. “We didn’t change anything about what we do, we just made it so we could do it better. We still have the best DVD selection in town with 100 new releases each week, we still have great toys, we still have great prices, and we still have everything else people loved about us. But the store is more fun to shop now.”

MAXX is bright, clean, well laid out, and attractive. There are hundreds of intimate toys, from inexpensive “pocket rockets” to high-end, medical grade silicone imports from Germany. Novelties and party favors, games, books, and romance kits line shelves. Liberator Shapes, famous from their national advertisements, are arrayed against a wall. The DVD section is packed to bursting with over 8,500 movies. “We’ve always had a reputation for selection and prices, and we intend to keep it.” The movie library is bigger than ever, with movies starting at $9, but also with the top new titles that customers love.

“The changes we made have really allowed us to bring our game up to a new level. Our staff training is unrivaled; we have the very best people. We take care of our customers better than anyone. 13 years since we started, I’m so proud of how well we’ve been able to bridge from what we were to what we hope to be, and I know the customers enjoy it as much as I do.”