Meet Jake, a 11.5-year-old Maltese (I know, I know, doesn’t look a day over 6). Jake’s rigorous day starts at the crack of noon when he rolls out of bed and transfers himself to the top of the couch for an 8 hour nap. Jake has been a hero to my family ever since he saved my Grandmother from a house fire. You see, my Grandma likes to light – and then forget about – candles in her house. One fateful evening, she was dogsitting Jake when a candle burned down and lit the dining room table on fire. Jake quickly took charge of the situation, alerting my Grandma, and saving both of their lives (Grandma now receives electric candles each year for the holidays). Jake has since gone into retirement from saving lives and spends most of time snoozing and finding prizes in the garbage. Caitlin Atteberry, Raleigh