14460 – 177 New Falls of Neuse Rd., Raleigh

“naked Swirl makes delicious yogurt fresh on-site!”

Their frozen yogurt is all-natural, non-fat, high in fiber, and is low in sugar. The yogurt is flavored to your taste with fresh fruit toppings or cereal toppings of your choice. Naked Swirl tastes similar to Greek style yogurt – thick & creamy, but without the fat. Naked Swirl also offer smoothies made with fresh fruits and coffee smoothies. Whey protein added to smoothies can provide a complete nutritious meal.

Tommy Truong, a Food Scientist (NC State Alum), opened naked Swirl not to be like any ordinary frozen yogurt shop. He’s worked at Nabisco, Nestle, and EAS. There is a growing obesity problem in the U.S mainly due to unhealthy fast food eating. Tommy believes that there is a healthy and delicious alternative to ice cream. Naked Swirl frozen-yogurt tastes mildly sweet, and has a distinct tang which tells you its real yogurt. The yogurt is made from fresh skim milk on-site. A small cup of yogurt has 90 calories. The yogurt goes beyond taste and nutrition. It is simply a functional food, which means that the food consumed promotes a specific positive health benefit. Their yogurt has 5 different strains of live and active cultures – AKA acidophilus, the beneficial bacteria responsible for promoting regularity in the human GI tract. There are 20 yogurt toppings to choose – from fresh fruits, to mixed nuts, to various cereals. Be sure to try some honey and granola toppings on your yogurt. If you prefer to use a straw, naked Swirl also offers a variety of fresh fruit smoothies and coffee smoothies. Meal replacement smoothies (MRP) provide 42g of protein with 27 vitamins & minerals and only 280 calories, making it a highly tasty & nutritious meal.

More info on the menu, visit nakedswirl.com