With 5 children, we waited until the youngest were old enough. We began scouring pet rescue sites in 2006. It wasn’t long before we spotted her – knowing “she’s the one!” When the children were little, Molly would play hide-n-seek with them. She is also the most maintenance free dog! Molly will sit on the porch & watch people & other dogs go by without straying. Molly has a nightly cookie routine. First she does her “high 5” – one paw & then the other. Next she goes “down” & then “up” & finally a roll “over.” Sometimes she gets so excited that she will do the whole routine in rapid succession without even waiting for the commands! But the finale is hearing her say “I love you.” Her head tilts to one side, she eventually gets it right & then thoroughly enjoys her cookie! Our family could not imagine life without our beloved Molly! Dina Kulp