732 9th St.

“The past meets the present as you enter Ox & Rabbit Soda and Sundries.”

Bright colors, good music, and smiling faces greet you. Delicious handmade milkshakes, sodas, and floats inspire your taste buds as you browse. Unique merchandise will find its way home with you, because you just have to have it.

Occupying the same space that was once the McDonald’s Drug Store, Ox & Rabbit Soda and Sundries brings a feeling of old Durham. A 1940’s Soda Fountain, heart of pine floors from the early 1900’s, and furniture and fixtures dating back to 1914 display a wide variety of goods.

Whereas the fixtures are well aged, the merchandise offered is anything but. Hooded baby towels, hand-printed onesies, army figure candleholders, decadent chocolates, stylish aprons, French bubble bath, and one of a kind art pieces will catch your eye.

They offer milkshake flavors like Lavender Vanilla, Chocolate Truffle and around the holidays, Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Peppermint. Whichever flavor you choose, they are hard not to finish. The children that frequent the Soda Fountain have nicknamed it “The O & R”, “The Awesome Rabbit”, and simply “Delicious World.” Customer creativity is encouraged at Ox & Rabbit.

The owners, Erin Walker-McMullen and Bryan Nickell, are a young couple that really wanted to create a store where people of all ages felt welcome and had fun. Their vision was to create a community space where you could catch up with a neighbor, meet friends for a sweet treat, find a gift for a loved one or for yourself. From the perfect baby shower or house-warming gift to something functional and fun for your own home, there truly is something for everyone at this one of a kind shop.