I was recently told that grocery stores are the number one place to meet your soul sister or brother. Being a Virgoan, a health food store is my optimum location and Weaver Street Market was my healthy choice!

Bill and I had worked together at an outdoor education program when we were both entrenched in long-term relationships. Since that time, I had divorced from my spouse of twenty years and Bill had left his relationship as well. Being a lover of music, I was with a new boyfriend and we were at Cat’s Cradle for a concert. Walking to Weaver Street for pre-concert outdoor beers, there stood Bill with a pal also enjoying the fine evening. All I remember is the statement, “Are you single?”

That evening my new friend commented, “There is a chemistry between you two!” Thus began the tension that is new dating, especially after twenty years of a first marriage. Bill and I both dated others, but he stole my heart and I guess I stole his as well! Today, on the winter solstice, we celebrate ten years of marriage that have been eventful, both in a negative and positive sense. Neither of us planned to have two marriages, but both of us are ecstatic that healthy food and a great beer selection brought us together. Paula Daigle