Our love was destiny.

My parents met on a train in Germany while my father was stationed there as a soldier. As for us, we met on an airplane as I was traveling to pre-deployment training for a job in Iraq. The chances of such harmonic convergences happening twice in one family must be so infinitesimal that it can only be attributed to destiny and perhaps … cupid?And it was a flight that we both almost missed.

I had been packing up my possessions in preparation for a greatly anticipated adventure overseas. Somehow, in all the chaos and confusion of packing my life into a 10×15 storage unit, I miscalculated when I had to be at the airport.She had spent the weekend visiting her brother and his family and was watching him play softball. She wanted to see him come up to bat just one more time.

Exhausted and stinking of sweat and cardboard boxes, I sunk down in my seat. As I sat contemplating the trajectory of my life and the unknown adventures yet to come, I had no intention of getting involved in a relationship. But love is a thing that can’t be controlled. Down the aisle walks the girl of my dreams. Could she really be sitting next to me? This never happens, I thought to myself.

The rest, as they say, is history … or destiny.As for our children, perhaps they will meet the love of their life on a spaceship. Sara Holmberg and Erik Erwin Durham