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Caregiving, Life’s End, Grief: Counseling for People in Challenging Times

An informal conversation with Steve Bradley-Bull, Licensed Professional Counselor and Founder, the Center for All Seasons.

Q: What is the Center for All Seasons’ focus?

At some point we each face one or more of the challenges of being a caregiver for someone who is ill, of grieving someone’s loss, or, of course, of dying ourselves. The Center provides counseling to people seeking support related to such challenges.

Q: What is your approach to counseling?

People often tell me they feel a profound lack of control or discomfort during these times. My approach involves helping people explore and decide how to best relate to these experiences. In other words, how can we integrate these challenges into our lives and, perhaps, find understanding and meaning? I firmly believe that people are the experts on their own experiences. And I believe that people can locate the resourcesinternal and externalthey need. I create an environment where people feel safe to explore their emotions and circumstances and to find the healing they seek.

Q: What do people dealing with these issues tend to be concerned about?

With grief, for example, many people wonder whether their feelings are “normal” and how to “move on.” Each person’s healing timeline and process are different. Grief is more about finding healthy ways to stay connected to the deceased rather than about forgetting them or “having closure,” as our culture tends to reinforce.

Q: How do your services work?

I see adults, adolescents, children, and families and also facilitate support groups. Day, evening, and weekend appointments are available in both Durham and Chapel Hill. I meet with people anywhere beyond the Triangle by phone. And the Center also offers workshops. I welcome people to call for a free phone consultation.