4022 Stirrup Creek Drive
Suite 315

Build your dreams here

When I first ran across the TechShop idea, I knew immediately I wanted to build one here in the Triangle. “What a great concept,” I thought. A membership-based do-it-yourself workshop that provides you with tools and equipment, classes, wide-open work space, and a supportive community of creative people so you can build the things you’ve always wanted to make.

Just a partial list of tools and equipment includes milling machines, lathes, welders, electronics equipment, a 4′ x 12′ CNC plasma cutter, 3D printers, an Epilog laser cutter, hand tools, woodworking equipment including a ShopBot CNC wood router, vacuum forming equipment, workbenches, computers with high-end 2D and 3D design software, free high-speed Wi-Fi. And a whole bunch more.

We have lots of classes to get you up to speed fast, starting with TechShop Safety and Basic Use (SBU) classes that get you started on a machine or tool in only an hour or two. Soon you’ll be using every tool and piece of equipment in TechShop for your projects! When you’re ready for more, take a TechShop “Project” class to learn about tools, materials, machines and processes in much more depth.

By optionally renting space at TechShop you can also start that new business you’ve always dreamed about launching or develop your inventions, prototypes, and other ideas without spending thousands of dollars on rent, utilities, equipment and insurance. Just imagine all the ways that you can change the world!

Come see how much fun you can have at TechShop and “Build Your Dreams Here.”


Scott Saxon

Durham TechShop Founder