The Law of Attraction

He: 63-year-old gold-medal award-winning builder of million-dollar houses, current holder of 19 world records in power lifting and 2 in sky-diving.

She: 56-year-old physician board-certified in preventive medicine and family medicine. She opened the first truly integrative medicine clinic of complementary healers in the Triangle after experiencing a personal miracle through energy healing.

They: Both had been single for more than 13 years after previous marriages and kissing lots of frogs.

The Fairy Tale: After seeing the movie The Secret and working with Raleigh author Connie Domino (Law of Attraction: Develop Irresistible Attraction), she wrote a list of 25 characteristics that described her ideal mate, set the date for meeting this man by Valentine’s Day the following year, and read “the list” thrice daily as instructed. Although she had used various online dating services over several years, she had never met anyone from eHarmony. They met in early January 2007 and were an “item” by Valentine’s Day. After building another spectacular home together, they were married in New Zealand the following Valentine’s Day while hiking the Milford Track (billed as “the most beautiful four-day hike in the world”).

Happily Ever After: He has 24 out of 25 of “the list,” including kind, sweet, considerate, attentive, communicative and HOT! Over six years, they have rafted the Grand Canyon, kayaked the Everglades, climbed Mt. Whitney, done tantra in Costa Rica, dived the Great Barrier Reef and biked thousands of miles. They kiss and hug several times every day. Tom Davis and JP Pizzino Raleigh