142 E. Franklin St.
Chapel Hill

Nestled on the vibrant and historic East Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Toots and Magoo is a new boutique offering the best in esoteric antiques, letterpress paper goods, novel finds and fine art. They also have a full service design studio specializing in letterpress stationery and wedding invitations, as well as a variety of workshops concentrating on the handmade.

This charming boutique and gallery is a project that was put together, collectively by three women, Chloë, Cheryle and Maggie. They each contribute their strong suits.

Chloë combines her passion for the handmade with her appreciation for all things functional. She has carefully curated a selection of hand-made cards, notebooks, handbags and jewelry. She is careful to showcase that hand-made doesn’t always mean “crafty.” There is a true sophistication to the pieces you’ll find at Toots & Magoo.

In addition, Chloë has created a design department (in the back of the gallery) for custom stationery for those of you who want something a bit more personal. She has also organized a set of evening workshops in bookmaking, box making and other creative “do- it-yourself”projects. These workshops are designed to demonstrate fun and easy ways to create great pieces without having to own too many supplies.

Cheryle’s contribution can be found on the surface of the delightfully dark blue walls. After 35 years in San Francisco as an art dealer, she has returned to Franklin Street to represent artists such as North Carolina’s renowned Benjamin F. Long IV (among others). Portrait drawings and paintings can be commissioned via the gallery.

Maggie has a beautiful selection of Hungarian painted furniture (that are sure to inspire anyone who sees them in person) along with an exquisitely chosen collection of small antiques. She also does estate and personal arts appraisals.”