Bonnie Cohen

Everything is possible when you have your own Fairy Godmother.

Everything in life is NOT possible “If you keep doing what you have been doing.”

I am a Certified Life Coach who acts more like a Fairy Godmotherthe ideal transitional guide. What wishes do you want to see come alive?

Coaching is a catalyst, a gateway to your deepest longings. The most powerful way to predict your future is to create it. Wake up to your whole self, nourish your spirit and design your own life’s action plan. Together, we will invent a strategy to transform your desires into actions with a home-style, holistic approach to joy, well-being and success. Feel the satisfaction of birthing a creation to completionall dressed up and ready for the ball!

Take stock of your skills, dreams, fears and resources to see what needs refocusing, attention and action. Let now be the time to rejuvenate, reclaim or reinvent yourself.

When it comes to your finances, it’s time to seize your own ground, and turn the light onto that often dysfunctional resourcemoney. With discovery, compassion and financial know-how, you will transform your relationship with money.

Let me wave the wand of twenty-two years experience, guiding people to the treasures within themselves. Conversation, inquiry, creative play, meditation, art explorations, journaling, humor and Fairy Godmother insights will inspire you to discover your essence, while your senses are soothed at the Center for Creative Transformationa soulful sanctuary and retreat… an enchanted place for children of all ages…

Right here… Right now is the moment, an opportunity for making choices and changes to create the life you truly desire. You do not need to be Cinderella to have your Own Fairy Godmother. Take the first step… Call 932-3209.

Because the best things in life are yet to be! Experience a free introductory session. A cup of tea awaits you…

LADY EINSTEIN RETREATSIgnite Your Own Creative Genius! An ocean side retreat to infuse your life with insight, inspiration and imagination.

Emerald Isle, September 7-9. Co-created with Lynn Bregman-Blass.